Please fix out of position so we can play the game!

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Let us play the game please! Out of position is out of control and it kills everyone’s match ratings and as a result their attribute gains. Out of position is very inconsistent and it penalizes players for no reason at all sometimes. Being in the “correct” position according to the computer doesn’t always mean that you’re in the best position to help your team and that’s whats supposed to make the difference between a user player and an AI player.

My solution is not to get rid of out of position entirely, but it should apply when the team is hurt by a player being out of position. Apply the out of position penalty only if the player is out of position when the opposing team scores a goal. Also leave the auto positioning button and orange position indicators as a “recommended” position.


  • longzachattack
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    And to make it worse it has now been upgraded to a -.3 penalty every time you’re out of position from the -.1, occasional -.2 penalty. Please fix this immediately!
  • i agree out of position is totally out of control i play LM and take the corners. If my team doesn't score a header from the corner i am out of position straight away and loose loads of points from my rating, what is that all about really. another problem is the offside if somebody plays the ball into the i8 yard box and your offside you are not able to let the ball run to another player on your team and are called offside straight away when in fact you are not offside until you touch the ball.
  • longzachattack
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    Just played CDM in 4-1-2-1-2 and was penalized 38 times for oop. Position would swap sides of the field instantly and there was zero logic to where it was trying to send me. Get it out of the game
  • Play 4-1-3-2, same principle but less punishment
  • Astralprojectio
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    Its fixed in the new patch coming next week...

    If u trust EA...
  • So we'll still be complaining next month then
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