Fut swap: Jumbo rare pack pulls

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With the 12th player just moments away from SB rewards release, who did you guys get?


  • Furrag85
    1751 posts Play-Off Hero
    Christ almighty. After Gabriel Jesus last month, I just pulled...

    Carrasco and Zaha.

  • TheTormentor07
    1111 posts Professional
    Sokraits get in, I'm now off to buy all the prime Icons and Messi's, Ronaldo's available.
  • TW1103
    556 posts An Exciting Prospect
    84 Hradecky. Beat that, internet!
  • Kalhead
    505 posts An Exciting Prospect
    UEL Live Moreno so could be worse.
  • mark1089
    475 posts Sunday League Hero
    If you get that pack don't expect to pull anything right now. I would save it.

    I've been watching a lot of streams and videos lately and pack weight is laughable to say the least.

    Good luck to everyone that grinded all month for about 13,000-15,000. I picked Lerma and the rare mega pack, I'm happy with that. Sad state where squad fitness cards sell for more than 85% of rare gold cards you can pull.
  • CeeQue
    10801 posts Has That Special Something
    Went for Lerma did the last 2 months and packed Fu€k all.
  • Derryboy
    1696 posts Play-Off Hero
    Got Lasagna and was going to do Lerma but did Ballack sbc so no point in Lerma so opened a rare mega and got SIF Pepe, happy enough
  • SavelPT
    321 posts Sunday League Hero
    Last month I go for it and have Kepa. This time I choose mega pack and pick a 12k IF. I will open the silvers ones too.
  • LovelyVillain
    3579 posts National Call-Up
    Really doesn’t feel like that’s the best option, especially with a beast like Kurzawa sitting there.
  • BladesManSUFC
    452 posts Sunday League Hero
    Witsel IF
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