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There are too many toxic players in this game to enjoy Drop-Ins. One cancerous player can harm the rest of the team, and all other players’ match ratings and attribute gains suffer because of that one person. A vote-to-kick feature should be added to promote better team play and to discourage toxic behaviors. In order to prevent the feature from becoming overused, it should have to be a unanimous vote by the other teammates and the option to initiate the vote should only become available when the player is displaying toxic behaviors like being AFK for too long, the player has a performance rating below a certain number, the player has scored multiple own goals, or the player is excessively calling for pass. Please keep in mind that this feature would be intended to remove bad behavior, it is not intended to harm less skilled players because Drop-Ins is supposed to be a place where players of all skill levels come to get better.


  • Kingleo1019
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  • I think Its the wrong way to go but i understand the frustration. Been there. But a function so i cant be matched with these kind of players would be awesome. ”A block player for me” function. Don’t now how that would look like and i can c problems whit it aswell. But its an idé. Instead they could fix position before match-making so i dont have to play with a fwd as a goalie in my drop-ins. Wich is common and frustrating. But it might be esier with a vote. If u are two player tjere will be a prob or 3 if the two others are friends or think its fun destroying the game. Still you cant play more than 5 so its a risk.
  • Xxcdhxx
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    In one/some of the older Fifas the Captain could remove the GK from a game.
    Not sure why this feature was removed.
  • yigitpinarbasi
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    Would be amazing. Wish EA listens.
  • Astralprojectio
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    You will be kicked when u score a hattrick
  • I think- they add Manager to Drop Match. Let the AI sub a player out that’s playing crappy. They have the programming in the Journey already.

    This way. The AI subs out toxic players. Problem solve.. removes the trolls and it adds some pressure to play well to for everyone.
  • xXcCiIcCoXx
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    Last years there was an extra player on the bench and the captain had the opportunity to sub someone if he wanted to for a short period of time.
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