FIFA20 Pro Clubs List of Wants & Needs

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I've broken my Pro Clubs features list into several parts for easier dissemination. Please make your own suggestions below. I may update this list as good ideas come along.

  • Add additional servers to combat player lag, better regional matchmaking(?)
  • Fix various glitches and bugs ranging from GK cam glitch, CAM rating glitch, CB's in the wall, kick off glitch to goals disappearing to animation problems, etc. (see JCC's list of exhaustive bugs and glitches to fix)
  • Relook at the physics - too many balls hitting the posts
  • GK should be the one able to move the wall (currently cannot)
  • Fix "Unexpected Error" when joining pro clubs
  • Fix "Stats Cannot be Reported" error

  • A human substitutions system -- either give each team the standard 3 substitutions, or allow substitutions at half-time.
  • Allow player disconnects to reconnect to play and take over from the CPU.
  • A spectator mode/slots that allows free switch in camera views including a free look
  • Toggle option to disable skipping of cut scenes & replays
  • Add a customisable tournament feature where people can run their own ladder / league within the game.

  • Cosmetic monetisation system that ranges to customised kits to uploading of personal club crest to branding your own stadium. (we would pay for this!)
  • Greater catalog of boots, balls, gloves, etc. add things like warm up gear/trainers/jackets
  • Allow uploading of the end of game match highlights directly to a linked YouTube account
  • Allow saving of the end of game match highlights to PS4 HD
  • Add a practice mode where we can scrim against 11 CPU team
  • Add a practice stadium where we can practice set pieces, etc.
  • Better club stats such as top scorer, defender, GK cleansheets/saves, etc.
  • Beyond Div 1 add a (for example) a short term season based league say Premier League or Champions League where clubs can qualify for and have a system of relegation, etc., the top performing teams in these leagues can then be invited to the major esports pro clubs tournaments (assuming there are ones). In FUT terms like a FUT Champs or something.
  • Add to this Premier League system a system of transfer market where pro clubs can buy/sell their players. Would need a standardized player rating system for human Pro Club players based off of their performance. Say at the start of the season everyone is set to the same, then as games and season progresses their rating (and thus value) changes based on their performance.
  • More deeper and diverse traits skill tree, players should be able to create a more diverse VP based on the choices they make on where to put skill points. The choice of putting points into certain traits over others should have advantages and disadvantages. Kinda like how there used to be Acrobatic style and Traditional style GK. This is a very common RPG mechanic.
  • Consider testing out some Drop-In lobbies that allow for 6v6 as this would allow all attacking and mid-field human players to be filled in common 4-X-X formations. (it's common not to have any human defenders or GK)
  • When streaming directly through PS4 to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube allow all in-game teammates voices to be heard not just the streamers. (since PS Voice parties limited to max 8)

  • Show favored/primary position at Drop-In lobby
  • Selective in-game voice chat mute of your own team member(s) in Drop-Ins
  • Disable GK view ball trails effect
  • Toggle option of more accurate numerical value ping/latency (60ms)


  • Higher composure's rating for the ST.
  • Given the lack of input from them this year do you honestly think they'll consider a single one of your very good suggestions for next year mate?
  • Doolallyfrank
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    With 19 they're telling pro clubs to get their affairs in order, 20 will be the funeral, I've pretty much lost all faith in any kind of improvements......

    Unless they announce FIFA20: Phoenix edition (season pass plus perks/packs of the all new revamped pro clubs)

    Awwww dammit, now I have a dream
  • Ertrko
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    I think many people have suggested this but i want to bring it once more.

    As you know many people tries to change the look of their player by getting help from "virtual look like" videos at Youtube. However, the customization hub is very limited and when you try to change your player face to Ronaldo, you end up looking like Jackie Chan.

    This is why EA should put bronze, silver and gold player packs like FUT but will just include the player models that is used in game now without their stats. When you open a pack and get Gullit for example, you will have the option to use the Gullit's exact same model (hair, moustsche etc) in the game without their stats.
    These cards will accumulate in your pro club library.
    There will be auction house also like FUT which you can buy the look of any player in the game. You will be able to change the weight and height but the customization hub at pro club will be closed if you choose to use real player look like card.
    There should be an "enable-disable" option at customization hub so if you dont want to buy pack and customize your player your own, it should allow that.

    I think its a win win situation for customers and EA.
    EA dont need to put an extra effort to generate cash from this option as the player models already included in the game.
    At customer side, you can get many player look in your library including icons. If all of your team support one club in real life, you can play by the look of these players or if you like the era of "the invincibles" you can play with the exact look of Bergkamp, Pires, Henry and Vieira.
    The best side is if you dont want to spend anything, you will be free to customize just like today pro club system by "disable real player model" option from pro clubs.

    Sorry for grammar mistakes etc.
  • Blaiki
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    FIFA 19 - WTF Edition
    I think that most people just want the game fixed & playable. Will there be any players left playing Pro Clubs for FIFA 20?
  • SirSkinner
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    Blaiki wrote: »
    FIFA 19 - WTF Edition
    I think that most people just want the game fixed & playable. Will there be any players left playing Pro Clubs for FIFA 20?

    No, there won't. All that's left now is players that are trying to prove something for nothing on VFL, FGL etc. All the loyal clubs players have gone.

    Many have quit, because the game is an aids ridden cross fest. Another fun casual game mode that has been ruined by self importance worth game mode now if you ask me. 2 wingers, two tall strikers and two DMs that don't even know how to play DM lol
  • Nice list! I especially think it would be a nice feature to practice with your team against a cpu team like offline fut, to try different things...
  • AMAZING!!!

    No one at EA is listening to anything any customer says about Pro Clubs mode on Fifa yet people still think they are.

    These are all great ideas but the simple truth is they don't care.

    Give up.
  • All I want is to play pro clubs cross platform.. I mean 2 of my mates have fifa on PS4 another 3 on PC, wouldn't it be great for us to play together no matter the platform we have fifa on? Fortnite could do it so why couldn't you?
  • yigitpinarbasi
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    EA is a company that never listens customers so, I'm finding this kind of posts ---> pointless

    Admire your effort but, they-dont-care.
  • Substitution opportunity is a must, do if you’re mate isn’t in the game at kick off, and goes on the bench you can bring him on for an AI player during the game
  • EA REALLY need to fix Pro Clubs full stop.All what they want to on ultimate team which i hate playing .FOR ONCE EA SPORT/FIFA20 LISTEN TO WHAT YOU FANS ARE.ASKING.FOR.PUSH PRO.CLUBS FORWARD.
  • RobRokk
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    For Pro clubs with my squad (team mates) Id like a practice arena, for example, corners, etc. Would also want the "bot goalie" to throw out the ball faster, why does it take him ages?
    Also like human players to jump in an already started game.
    And what happened with the promised 11 human squads? Does it exist at all?
    Also the "bot defenders" are bad, they do bad passing even when pretty close by so it gods directly to the opposition, they make such obvious mistakes that turns the tide of the match in favor of the other team, they react too slow to human interaction, etc.
    Also Ive seen other teams that are able to make super fast & perfect passes that seem very unrealistic, I mean several of them in row and very far away too that can go through 4-5 players (one ground pass that goes through 5 defending bots, half the field...).
    Also why are bots sometimes shooting the ball away outside the field or just randomly away up the field even when theres no close by threats? Instead they could just hold the ball and await a call for it, why just shoot it away?
    Lastly, Ive seen plenty of times when the bots ignores the ball giving the opposing player a free run with the ball, one could wonder what team do these bots really favor?
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