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I just won a tense game 4-3. I had gone 2-0 up and ended up 3-2 behind. I had skipped all of my celebrations and replays. I was forced to sit through every replay, celebration and cut scene by my opponent.

Anyway, this spurred me on and I managed to flip the game again and win 4-3. So I shushed him back.

Incomes a barrage of abuse over message saying I’m a coin buyer, terrible player only beat him due to my team etc.

He challenges me to a friendly same team. He picks PSG v PSG. He then spends about 5 minutes ‘making changes’ before we kick off. I end up 4-0 up and he rage quits the friendly.

Another load of abuse about me being a loser comes flying in and I only beat him this time due to scripting.

He’s now apparently number 2 in the support queue to have me banned for coin buying 😂

Sore loser or what?!

TLDR - Inb4 unjust ban.
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