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Fifa 19 is trash and I quit.



  • MAN **** EA!!! Worst gaming company ever. Doesn't respect the gamers at all. Battlefield V and FIFA 19 are both one of the worst games of 2018, and both developed by EA. What an utter piece of **** company. Is there any place you can chat or have a talk with these **** developers? It's disrespectful to all of us and if you don't see that, you must be blind.
  • My **** knuckles are literally shaking...
  • I really have cancer all over my body when I play FUT. I don't buy fifa points. My opponents worst player is way better than my best but I still control the game and I have more shoots, but game still makes everything so that I can loose the match. My players miss passes, cannot score 100% goals, my goalkeeper and defence players cannot stop shoots or can barely make proper tackles. I was enjoying other fifas but I cannot enjoy Fifa 19. I do not enjoy online thanks to this stupid **** ea company does everything so we can buy fut coins. I wish I had just download it in torrent but gameplay also sucks **** too. I hope Konami will beat those disrespectfull ****.
  • Crow
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    I have played FIFA since 08 but since I think 13 or 14 have been looking to switch to PES but never could get into it so I stuck with with FIFA. This time I bought games and got bored of FIFA really quickly, I only play cm btw.
    An option file came out for Pes and it is really good, football actually feels like football. There are some minor things I do not like on Pes like faces or the way they type up leagues but overall I am quite satisfied.

    We all here have given EA to come good on their promises and they never do and the only way EA will do anything about their game is if their sales figures fall. So I'm not going to buy FIFA next year and only will look if they have re-done cm otherwise no. Lets see who else does the same?
  • Rossi1000
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    “Fifa is trash I quit”

    This comes after losing first game on fut haha
  • Sm0key_J0e
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    McKrill wrote: »
    EA made me to say that since you are not allowed to say anything negative about the game.

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