People with PS4 Pro/Xbox One X and low input lag TV

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I’d like to hear from people who have upgraded to PS4 Pro or Xbox One X and have a TV with low input lag like the newer LG models: how is the game playing for you? Do you get input lag/delay on FUT Champions/Division Rivals or is it smooth?

I only have the regular PS4 and and an older 40 inch low end Full HD tv. Would have a chance to upgrade it but won’t do if it’s just those minor graphical updates, however if there is a clear difference with smoothness in Fifa 19, I prefer not to have such a disadvantage. My internet is wired 100mbs so that I guess should be enough.


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    Honestly mate you can spend an absolute fortune chasing perfect game play with fifa and you’ll never get it.

    I’m 31, married, no kids, good job, plenty of disposable income, loads of free time and I love a gadget. So I’ve spent a fortune and hours and hours chasing the perfect game play and it’s just not possible. I’ve got a £500 modem / router set up. I Network cabled my whole house in cat6 etc. There are too many problems with the game and the infrastructure. It also sends twice as many packets as CoD for example so it’s a data heavy game.

    Out of everything I tried the thing that made the biggest difference to me was buying a benq Zowie gaming monitor. I bought the model that was a year old for half the rrp on amazon and going from a 3/4 year old LG 3D smart TV to a 1 ms monitor, the difference was night and day. Also using it set up on a desk away from the missus means I can play when I want and I can concentrate loads better compared to being laid out on my reclining arm chair.

    I tried a normal PS4 compared to a pro and Fifa was identical on both IMO.

    I still get lag, I still get delay but I think my current set up manages it best. If you really want to try to get better game play that’s what I’d recommend. Keep your PS4, keep your TV. Save the £1,000+ and get a £200 monitor and some headphones cos the speakers they have built in are really tinny.

    Never play on WiFi and always use a wired controller.

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    Thanks mate, appreciate the comprehensive answer and will skip PS4 Pro and consider a monitor instead 👍
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