Which attacking custom tactic breaks down the 8 men in the box defences?

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Im sick of playing people that play this tactic. How do you all win against these people ?


  • Fifaplayer90
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    Just pass the ball arpund mate I switch too 2 up top in game I’m 6-0 atm in fut champs they will eventually get bored and gaps will appear 👍
  • Empyrium7
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    just keep playing safe passes even if you had to pass it backward to the keeper. eventually they will get bored and push forward. If not play as safe as possible until you get a chance to score. if you are in his half and he is not trying to get the ball. just stand still and pass around until they get bored
  • SP300x
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    This doesnt really help when theyre winning ? Theyre happy just to sit back
  • bigpokey24
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    Keep attacking, and dont slow down play a 2 striker formation..
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