Should EA reduce the base card ratings?

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This has been my idea for fixing the absolutely pointless upgrades we get. This is how I would set up the ratings
Bronze <60
Silver 60-69
Gold 70+

Top rated player should be tops 89-90 imo. Not a lot of difference but room to manoeuvre. Take a look at the upgrades we get currently, it’s a waste of time. Just some examples
Khedira 85-86-87
IGs difference 0-15-31
Price 13.5k-24k-45k(untradable)

32k-122k-200k? Untradable

Admittedly we are a victim of our own doing as some are still completing these SBCs but what’s the point? Khedira could be 80-81 rated and his futmas card could be 85 with actual decent stats.

TOTY - ronaldo and Messi probably get 99/98 rated cards. Messi already has a 96 and ronaldo a 95. No upgrade is going to be worth the millions difference and if both have a few fantastic weeks then we could already have every rating in between. Ofc I mean for next year as I don’t expect them to change the ratings mid game

Should EA reduce the base card ratings? 48 votes

Change the ratings
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Keep them as they are
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  • Ian_Ando08
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    Keep them as they are
    just give better upgrades aint difficult.. well it is for EA
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    Change the ratings
    Ian_Ando08 wrote: »
    just give better upgrades aint difficult.. well it is for EA

    They are obviously being conservative because they don’t want to be giving away 88 rated players with stupidly good stats when we aren’t even 1/3 through the game life cycle yet. They used to do upgrades and downgrades but now it’s only upgrades for some reason
  • Idek
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    Change the ratings
    Should give themselves more room for upgrades
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    Change the ratings
    Quite surprised this is split 50/50 tbh. What reasons to keep as they are? Out of interest
  • MikeyP_FC
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    Change the ratings
  • FinneganFach
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    It would help if they didn't ridiculously inflate the ratings of players from big clubs just to pander to their fans.

    Little glory supporting United fans from Kent to Kenya will buy the game whether or not Pogba is the best midfielder in the game or the 81 rated non rare he should be.

    And no, I'm not trolling.
  • Ulook92
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    They should be lower, not too low. But low enough to give big upgrades.
  • tauras
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    Change the ratings
    Bring all cards down a bit so they can give ifs and special cards upgrades they and we deserve.
  • Azof
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    Keep them as they are
    High rated NIFS sell packs early in the game, someone getting a 91 early will feel they got more worth than same player being an 88

    New players wouldnt know any different, but returning players wont like it

    Even if they have an ingame message to explain it people will still complain, just look at the people still not understanding an sbc removes cards for good
  • Ryno
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    Change the ratings
    Scale everything back. The imprefect NIF element should be a staple of early FIFA and IFs would have way more meaning
  • Addicksfan
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    Change the ratings
    make the NIF ratings 2/3/4 points lower, giving the amount of special cards a player can get through the year....they did it with the NHL game

    Increase the Icon way an 81 NIF that gets a TOTS should be better than an Icon
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Change the ratings
    it's a good idea, we need more room for upgrades....
  • P
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    Change the ratings
    Idek wrote: »
    Should give themselves more room for upgrades

    This has been pointed out for years. It's EA tho.
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