Red Ronaldo (CR7) pack weight experiment. Edited

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So with fut champs rewards approaching I would like to conduct an experiment.

How many of us on this forum will pack red Ronaldo? It has been said that gold 3 and silver 1 players have boosted pack luck in terms of rewards. So to test this, could everyone please post your red reward picks below and your weekend league finish. Personally I placed gold 3 on purpose to test the theory.

I know I’m early, I just wanted to get in first. I will bump this as rewards are released.

Any suggestions on how to better test this or a prediction on how many of us will pack red Ronaldo would also be appreciated.

Edit: I’ve changed the title of the thread now and this week we are looking for Red Ronaldo owners. May do this every week when there is a standout player.

Messi owners on the forums: 4
Pogba owners on the forums: 7
Hazard owners on the forums: 8
Suarez owners on the forums: 7
Mbappe owners on the forums: 5
Ronaldo owners on the forums: tbd
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