Potentially Contract renewal glitch

So i was just running an experiment on my super League, during 3rd season all players at santos bar 2 had their contracts ending at end of the season. I simmmed the season and simmed straight into the next to see what happens when dont renew any contracts. Well i still have all the players in new season with mixture of new contracts ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Do you think this happened because there was such a high number and wouldn't leave enough players in squad? I know for sure in my Yeovil Career i left 5 players contracts to expire end of season and they left.


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    Could be! If i remember correctly, someone ran an experiment where they put the oldest 20 players on the game in their squad. At the end of the first season, something like 15 were set to retire yet i believe once the new season started, something like 8 had renewed for 1 additional season.. even after saying they were retiring.
  • Posted on another forum as well and someone said that 1 season they had a fair few players leaving as no contract renewed and despite players arriving the following season his squad was left with less than 18 players. When moved to New season he had a random new player arrive which must happen as season sims over before new players arrive
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