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Can anyone forward the question to EA to respond? I dont use Twitter or other stuff. Please help me get an answear.

No one has missed FIFA having problems with its connection, which gives a bad gaming experience. But my question relates to the gaming experience overall. I brought home my friend and we played some classic kick off matches. Before the match starts, you can choose the difficulty of AI, my question is:

What difficulty does AI have when playing FUT?
Is the difficulty of AI changed from match to match and during a match?


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    I am also wondering: I played WL this weekend and was in the middle of a match when I received a phone call. Had to answer and left the control to my girlfriend who never touched Fifa in her life. I led with 1-0 and had a match where everything went my way. I thought it would not matter if I let in a goal or three. I just told her to do what she could, so I would not be kicked out. She took over the control in the min 25 and I was back in match min 70. She is wonderful and talented my girl but hardly anyone playing video games. Still 1-0 when I was back.
    Wtf, plays WL and usually quit gold 1 or elite. My girl does not even know which button to pass or shoot .. How is that possible? Obviously my AI was supermans this match ...
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