A WL with sbc Ballack

3797 posts National Call-Up
In case anyone else was wondering

With a fair amount of people quitting before the 90 mins

Goals- 14
Assists - 7
Position- RCM
Wins so far - 19

  • Shooting - it's incredible. If you get him a clean shot it's a goal
  • Passing - also incredible. Very rarely misplaces a short or long pass
  • Control - his first touch and control really are nice. Always stops the ball dead.
  • Defending - above average. Will do a good job in the midfield. Work rates keep him in good defensive positions.
  • Physicality - he's huge, strong and unbeatable in the air. Great for defending corners and goal kicks. Wins most 50/50s

  • Agility/Balance - it's clunky. He moves and turns very averagely. His 4* skill moves are visibly slowly than a player with higher agility.

Overall Ballack is worth it if you already have a stacked team and coins are no issue but don't expect him to change an average team.

I got him for cost of 1.1 mill. Definitely worth that.

Other icon options similar - Veron 88 (700-720k market price)
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