Missing 3rd kits

I originally posted this under technical issues but have not heard anything. I just wanted to see how many other people have this issue. Another poster mentioned that they had the kits on their Switch but they have disappeared.

Is anyone that also plays on Switch missing several third kits? Most notably the PSG x Jordan brand 3rd kit and the Barcelona third kit?

I noticed that fifa put the PSG third kit in their commercial but I don’t have it in kick off mode.

I also noticed that I can buy this kit in the FUT market, but why can’t I use them in game? Very frustrating, especially with Fifa getting the rights to the champions league.


  • Me too. And not only with the two PSG alternative kits and Barcelona 3rd, this issue afects a lot of alternative kits! It’s shameful. This happens since the 1.0.4 update, please EA, fix them.
  • this is what i bought for!
    please update the third kit please!!
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