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What's the point playing this game?

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edited December 2018
There is constantly Button Delay Lag (main problem imo)
high rated players move like they were stuck in the mud
rebounds over and over and over and over again till the ball goes into the net
1M poor passes with players over 80 pass rating
AI defence is to OP it's like the game forced you to shot TF outside the box without breakin the defence down
every game feels different but it also feels like im playing always the same opponent (AI)

I played with an 100K seria A Team and 4 mil K team with Icons
Guess what, Ive got same result in WL with both teams

I dont want to get disadvantage or an advatnage in this game
so whats the point playing this game or improving the squad?

Im so demotivated right now to keep playing this game
and so close before to sell my team and quit fifa this year


  • Xtc
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    You are not alone. Its a really bad game
  • Tasch
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    I usually score my goals from outside the box, cant get inside the box because of AI def. So I bought in 90 rated Eriksen and got Ballack, both with good long range shots. Bang, scores every game. Its sad though, that the mechanics is like this, I would rather score a goal after I worked myself into the box. But it is what it is, atm.
  • Rossco160715
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    You only have to play 50% of the game.

    Let the AI donthe rest.
  • AFC_95
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    I just bought a 600k team with players I enjoy in real life like my Arsenal triangle. No point going for the meta this year. Game isn't fun enough.
  • ucan
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    I know Fifa 20 will be the same it will be even worst
    Someone should buy all the licenses
    EA will continue giving us this BS
  • Baddest_cubza_1
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    If there was an alternative that was even remotely decent we’d all jump ship in an instant, EA’s monopoly is killing the game
  • What's the point in life
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    At this point if you’re playing the game for any other reason than collecting special cards, all you’re doing is making your life worse.
  • Syko
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    edited December 2018
    It's ridiculous but i made myself angry enough these last days to not care about the result too much anymore. Every week including last year i'm a gold 2 and gold 1 player and this weekend i'm stuck at Silver 1 with 11 wins hahaha i've played so many WL's and that has never happened ever. I still have 5 games to go but the way it's going with the IMMENSE lag/delay i don't see myself even getting to gold 3 :/

    I can see that my opponent a lot of the time isn't that good by the way he plays but he plays silky smooth and i'm sitting here like am i really going to lose to these guys? It's of no use if the connection doesn't let you.

    BUT i'll take Silver 1, who knows maybe i'll still get lucky in my rewards :#
  • TheArchitect
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    there is no point only getting the cards you like. just to see it in your squad haha
  • joehuk
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    The game is a shambles currently.

    Day to day you don't know what to expect, One day you can be loving it, next day absolutely despising it due to things completely out of your control.

    Yesterday my game was smooth, bit of delay but my team was doing what i wanted, today not a chance so different and i've changed NOTHING.

    My team are slow to respond to ANYTHING, can't control the ball, Can't turn.

    I've stopped at 6 wins out of 8 games. I just can't bring myself to enjoy the WL with this game-play.

    I got 6 wins yesterday as my team was playing as I wanted (opponents probably had bad delay) I've just quit while leading 1-0 just because I'm not enjoying it, turning it off and going to chill for the night
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