OT: xbox help

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Hi guys,

Apologies first of all if I can't post this here.

My Xbox One X has decided to pack up on me (Luckily the bugger still has a months warranty left).

I have the original Xbox One kept up which I'm planning to use. All my stuff is stored on the external HD I have (important stuff anyway).

The X1X has been factory reset, at least I think anyway. I had a start up issue and nothing was really clear.

My question is:- If I restore my account on the X1 will I cause any problems when it comes to recovering it on the X1X whenever the repair comes back?

I'm worried it could somehow lose my data or just not work at all.

Apologies if it's a daft question, I'm not good when it comes to stuff like this.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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