non stop content rubbish

content and sbcs and players, events..... they're all there to hide the fact their game should not even been released. its fundamentally broken.... all the additions they've added, moving keepers, AI defence, finesse shots.
its not even a game anymore, it's so predetermined that you could go 2-0 and if they're meant to win they will

if in 3-0 I don't quit because more often than not i come back and win... its as if his players suddenly can't move and the defensive pressure is off and mine feel good...... and vice versa, one minute your players feel like they should the next they are practically bronzes.

i thought FIFA 18 was bad, but this is on another level... the steps EA have made to mess up the community with sbcs and investors i think it will be many players last

its their pocket over customers and that is clearly not going to work
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