Season upgrades/downgrades

I only play live seasons on fifa. I've noticed that the players have over this last week had their ratings changed. As a spurs fan I'm shocked to see that we've had a lot of downgrades considering we're third in the league (at the time of writing) and through to the champions league knock out stages.

Ali was 84 now 83
Eriksen was 88 now 87
Lloris was 88 now 87
Dembele was 84 now 83
Aurier was 81 now 80
D Sanchez was 84 now 83

This only seems to be on the Live Seasons mode, think it's really harsh and not justified. I also noticed that Man U has also been nerfed but Lukaku hasn't. A lot of the spurs players are having better seasons than him so far.

Lloris has been outstanding the last few weeks for Spurs and France, really put his demons behind him and you could say arguably that he's been in better form than De Gea who's made a few errors (I know he's the better keeper) but kept the same 91 rating. Just seems strange why they always seem to underate spurs players.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed and if it effected your teams positively or not.
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