Parolo or Naingolan in this squad?

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So, my squad is currently (4231 narrow, change to 4222 og 433-4 depending of how match is working our):

Costa - SBC Insigne - IF Mbappe
Naingolan - Matuidi
IF Kolarov - SBC Skriniar - Bonucci - Meunier
SIF Szsczscesczszcszny

Just got EL Parolo last night, and might want to put him in for Naingolan (need Matuidi for chem on Mbappe).

Opinions on this?

Thanks :)


  • Cornushon
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    I didn't like Radja this year. Matuidi is so much better in what he needs to do. Parolo. Will be just as good as Radja, but put Engine on him and anchor on Matuidi. This way it will be balance. Don't use shadow it is noob.
  • czcash
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    Radja has been doing well for me, and my plan was to switch Matuidi for Parolo... but then i realized that would mess up the chem
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