Late response of players on pressing Button

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There is an issue in Fifa 19 Online Friendlies/Coop/Online Seasons which I would like to share.
A lot of times while playing there is late response of players on pressing a button. It is a sort of an input lag. My internet connection is fine but the problem still persists.
I restart my Ps and thenthe gameplay is fine for sometime and again the issue comes up. Please fix this EA.


  • I hate it so much! Anyways if you interested in playing coop seasons ps4 and you mostly struggle to find opponents just add "ThiagoTheGreat" and/or "TheHumbleTower" , we will have a time frame set and itll help since fifa just doesn't give a damn.
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    Looks like an update was applied today for this issue
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  • Useless update it still does the same thing. One game its fine the next its ****
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