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Players switching positions

362 posts Sunday League Hero
My friends was moaning about their players are switching positions but i thought that it was a problem with their tactics.

Now it's happening to me, I changed my team to get that Parolo's card using this:

Perisic Lasagna OTW Verdi
Nain bonnaventura

The problem is in the game, i don't know why my Verdi comes to the midfield being my Second CDM and Bonnaventura goes to Rcam.

Anyone know why this is happening?

In all my tactics, offensive, defensive, etc., the positions are normal :(


  • Eroberto
    1506 posts Play-Off Hero
    If you use one of the other 4 settings in game like attacking, ultra attacking, defense, and whatever the 4th one is and during the game change any part of your tactics manually from lets say 4 bars depth to 5 bars , it will rearrange your players positions. You then have to make a substitution to correct it.
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