1 post patch game summed the state of the game up

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Don't care about losing but in a Div 3 game you should have two decent enough players and that game was a disastrous mess

1 game - 4-3 loss
  • 1 kick off goal exploit goal for him with a timed finesse finish
  • opponent running to the half way line and dabbing every goal
  • 20-6 shots in my favour
  • Gotze scoring from miles out with a timed finesse
  • 2-3 times of hitting the post
  • Opponent moving the goalkeeper like a crab so much I was laughing so much each attack
  • Passing round the back wasting time in a DR game

The game has turned into who can timed finesse the ball in better than the other person. How can you patch them 2-3 times and still they're just so overpowered.

The game is won on who is better at exploiting the 5 yards around the edge of the box.

When the game is actually good in 4-5 patches it will be a new fifa and revert back again.
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