451 !!

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Just used this formation in draft for the first time - just to mix it up. Unbelievable in attack - probably a lot to do with the superstars I had but still felt so much more fluid than 433-4 (my normal formation).

I haven’t heard much about it on the forums. Anyone use this? Positives / negatives or any feedback? Maybe just a lucky run.


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    Played against a pretty decent player in div 3 that ran this formation into my 41212 narrow. Problem is that the scoring sweet spot this year (top of the box) can be left wide open at times. If you are a prolific scorer and can close out games by consistently scoring I can see it working though.
  • Eroberto
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    I think it’s the best attacking formation with 4 at the back. It’s just so many people going forward . It’s horrible against a counter cause the cm is basically alone on a huge island
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