An apreciation thread

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First of all let me tell you I´m no professional player, far from it. I´m a very average player on my best day but since I started playing this games last year I just love it, despite all that is wrong with it.

To give you an idea I´m still on division 6, an Elite 2 on SB and this last WL I won only 11 games out of 28.

I started by thinking that I was gonna play to have fun but soon I was just one more stressing out with every loss, with the mechanics and of course with the eternal search of all meta out there.

Nothing worked, or if it did for a while it was just gone the same way it came.

This year I started just the same, nothing had changed.

So after this last weekend, when I had time available from work to play all WL games and after realizing the stress I just felt after it, I decided to stop, think and change the way I approach this game from now on.

I should be having fun instead of stressing out and in the end, for what? A few more players in my locker, or coins in my account?

The first decision I made is that I would stop looking for everyone else tactic and start from scratch with a tactic I would really enjoy to play.

So I started with every default tactic and a couple caught my eye, for my style. After a few trials I decided on the 3-5-2.

Since there I have been playing game after game with the 3-5-2, changing only a paramater each game in order to understand its real influence in the game and how it could suit me.

Finally, after quite a few games I was very happy with my conclusions and set for a system.

Now, I finally feel some joy playing, even in my losses just because the team plays the way I like it. I even feel, game after game, that without changing nothing at all, I´m just playing better and better. I just guess I´m getting used to the players and the way they play in this system of mine.

All the rest came naturally, I´m enjoying myself and I don´t mind loosing, at least that much as I did.

So if anything can be taken out of this words of mine is that if you feel you can identify with what I said in the beginning, maybe you should also try a different approach to it. Not everything that others do are best for you :)

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