Online Friendlies PS4

Hoping for this to be resolved but when playing friendlies, many times changing the default formation results in the players being severely out of position even AFTER fixing the lineup when it's time for kickoff. I found a temporary fix by simply exiting and re-entering the team management screen. However it's quite frustrating having to pause the game before kickoff if this step is forgotten.

Another bug is sometimes if u don't ready up and you are still in the team management screen, the game would not connect and would usually stay that the game got disconnected with 1/12 players ready. Other times the game would crash resulting in one of the players getting the blue screen and having to reboot the game. This has been happening since fifa 18. Hoping for a quick fix.


  • Neil_LUAFC
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    Been having the exact same formation/player issue with online friendlies, it's a right pita. Wasn't aware you could get around it so thanks for the tip !
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