Do you think the GK saves the day too often?

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edited December 2018
Let me start by saying it happens for me often too. My SIF Sczesny have saved me many times.

But i think its too often the GK saves the day, by a mile. Just faced a team where DDG has 10 saves. 4 of them was 1-1. My SIF Sczesny had 1 save.

And yes i know things like this happens. But i Think its far to often.

Fair if its because people manually control the GK. But when its clearly just luck again and again, it becomes too much.

And i know it properly evens out. But then - why cant the game just let me win these games and let me loose when i deserve it?

What do you think?


  • Mini_Miudo
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    I think GKs are fine, finally somewhat useful after years of being useless, though they still make dumb mistakes.
  • Equinox 85
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    Keepers are fine this year. I get the odd game where the guy seems like a brick wall. Played a Neuer on the weekend and he made 23 saves. I couldn't get past him. Lost 2-1 in the game.
  • DKCena
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    Really? Well maybe the faults on me then. I agree on them being a complete joke before, but I think it has changed to much this year.

    Until now I refused to spam finesse shots, but that might be the only choice if you want to win consistently.
  • t-mase
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    My keepers consistently let shots in under them and palm a soft shot into the top corner yet will save an 18 yard thunderbolt going top corner. Keepers have an always will be farcicle for and against you.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    When the players have similar skills, most of the time it’s the AI controlled GKs who determine who wins.
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