Lerma Futswap review appreciated

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As tittle, please advise! Thank you


  • Mmandras
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    He looks like a beast, can't wait to try him. Strong link with Sanchez also. I refuse to grind this moth, players are not worth it, so I will wait for few more easy objectives and SB rewards for the rest of the swap.
  • cantonagod
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    likewise, i am interested in any review- thinking fitness team or super sub when i need to shore up the middle
  • _Stobe
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  • cantonagod
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    davinson Sanchez- Colombian also
  • I use him with a Shadow alongside Kante in a 4231.

    He's fast, agile for a CDM, decent strength - certainly holds off players at times, haven't found any issues with his passing and haven't noticed any issues with that 67 composure, so maybe that's only relevant to shooting. He doesn't really get forward actively so he won't be useful as a box to box mid, definitely instruct him to just stay back.

    And no, he's not better than Kante. Far from it. Yes, he's better than Fabinho.
  • balErik
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    Seems good to me, only tried him a few games though. Similar stats to Matuidi.
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