TOTGS Cards?

Hey everyone knew to the discussion boards and this is the first year I’m really playing Ultimate Team on any Fifa game. I had a question, has anyone else not seen any of the Team Of The Group Stage cards? I’m a huge Juve fan and I’ve been on the hunt for the Dybala card but every time I search to find one there’s none to be found. I’ll check every other hour or so thinking that maybe one will pop up on the Transfer Market but sadly no. I’ve even tried to search other players like Messi and Bale and can’t seem to find any of those either. Is it that there aren’t a lot of people packing these or a lot of people not wanting to sell them? Thanks in advance!


  • kayron16
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    They’re not considered ‘special’ cards. Just do a normal search without selecting bronze,silver,gold,special and put a minimum bin in and you’ll find it
  • Mini_Miudo
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    Don't use the "special" filter, EA screwed up and they don't pop up if you use that. lol
  • Thanks! I see them now I was searching Special lol appreciate it!
  • kayron16
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    Hope you get him. Make sure you don’t buy the normal cl one for that price
  • I picked him up thanks! I actually had the normal cl one but I sold him off for the new one because him doing the mask celebration is great lol
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