When do RTTF cards get upgraded?

Pepe Le DiLzZ
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I want my SMS and Kimpembe to upgrade. :)


  • Friday I would think
  • Tommygunn
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    I want my davinson Sanchez and Fabinho to upgrade but knowing my luck both won’t get through and I’ll be waiting till March to see them scrape through a Europa league game in deepest darkest Kazakhstan or something
  • Equinox 85
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    I would guess end of the week or next week. Last week of games are Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Jackets20
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    I want my SMS and Kimpembe to upgrade. :)

    Wish i had bought Kimpembe, have is NIF and is a beast. I just didnt want to invest with PSG not through yet. I have Telles, Sanches and Lingard. Keeping telles and sanches will probably sell lingard for profit.
  • Friday is when they should update. CL plays Tuesday and Wednesday and Europa plays Thursday . It would be nice to get the CL update on Thursday though.
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