Worst day of FIFA all year

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I was excited to finally have a day off and hammer some div rivals. I tried at about noon central USA time, and the button delay was so great I gave up. Tried again at around 5 PM, and it was still so bad I gave up. Tried one more time the past hour and it's actually the worst it's been all day. Usually as the night goes on my gameplay gets more smooth, as I assume less people are on the servers.

I cant pass, I can't dribble, I can't switch players, every movement takes 2 extra seconds. Players look like they are skating in jello. The ball rattles all over the place and players don't lock onto it, as the server just can't keep up.

It sucks because I like this game. I like the gameplay when it works, which only seems to be past midnight......

I have 200mbps internet, hard wired. EA really must figure this out. No other online game nowadays has these issues. I never thought I'd say this but I miss peer to peer connections. At least then you could seee the latency and wait until you got a 5 bar. I haven't had a single 5 bar the entirety of FIFA 19 which is just not right.

EA please look into this. Look at the hundreds of other threads about it and COMMUNICATE with us.
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