We Need Something to Play For!

See, playing Co-op Seasons is one of the most fun ways to play FIFA. The biggest problem with it is that it doesn't feel the least bit rewarding. There's no progression (and don't try and say that the 1-5 Division thing is a satisfying mode of progression), no individual stats, or anything else to be honest.

My friend and I used to play Co-op a lot on FIFA 15, but since then we got bored, because there's literally nothing to play for. Even if it's something insanely simple such as:

-Adding individual goal/assist stats to each player
-average rating for each player
-red/yellow cards
-it should maybe award Player of the Match to one of you. Give them a score out of 10 or something. Make coop a little more competitive between the team mates.

Surely this is incredibly simple coding to incorporate into the game? Or is it EA trying to push people away from Coop to play FUT because there's no pay-to-win aspect over there?

I think most people have a small circle of friends that they play fifa with. Is there not a way to incorporate Coop play on FUT online without being on the same couch? Like, we could have a separate team for each individual duo, and build a team together, or if that's too complicated, choose whichever team one of you currently has, and both players get coin rewards for the matches and W/L affected.

Coop is so enjoyable because when you encounter the inevitable FIFA BS, you can at least share the pain and laugh at it. It's harder to do that when you're suffering on your own, whilst watching EA penetrate you with it's huge FIFA Point d*** with no lube.

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