cant win pro level squad battles - stuck with 0-100 skill rating

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started in fifa 17 ..title says it all..I need help or losing it again and snapping shouldnt be this way..I should be having some sort of fun ..between losing game all the time and then the gambling addiction ..I think the federal government needs to step in and regulate this ...I never understood those gambling hotlines etc before but now I do ..if I could just be average on the middle setting or go 50 or so online, I could control my anger and emotions

is it me or the game just this hard? its playing psycologial games iwth my mind and affecting real life always losing ..i cant get over not being able to beat the middle level of a game after 3 years. my life sucks so bad that video games was supposed to be an escape but losing nearly every game is causing me to lose it. i keep reading online how boring and easy it is to beat pro level sb's what could I be doing wrong? I have tried all players and settings , nothing changes

same online..highest skill rating Ive ever had was 189 usually ZERO and cant get out of div 10 there really a ranking system? im losing games to people who only had fifa for a few weeks and me for years ...something has to give ..

i cant rest or let it go for some reason ..all I wanted was to find some sort of joy in the game ...I guess being 500 and maybe reaching div 7-8 out too much to ask ...

im probably going to hurt someone and go to jail since my anger level is getting out of control with this game. crying in public maybe shame me from beating someone at the gas station with a crow bar ..too bad Im a loser in real life too ..wish I had friends or a girl to take. me away from this game

with all that said , I watch a lot of youtube videos of pros and content creators ..the AI pressure doesnt seem to strangle them like it does me ..I never have time for anything ..its like a different type of pressure ..I just got beat 4-1 with a starter team ..a 48 overall bronze was a 1000x better than my 600k coin potm obammy

no matter the skill how do you make a 48 overall perform like that in a div 10 match ..and on constant pressure would think stamina would go down and couldnt catch a 96 pace IF sterling
im sad sad man..really no point in card collecting as they are useless to me ..i rage quit put up 2-3 goals in 20 mins im not finishing the games ...not worth it ..tired of the beat downs


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