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Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Something has happened to the game

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My game is constantly glitching not responding to what I ask and my players have lost the ability to shoot. EA you are a joke, time to give up give your rights to konami and let pes have a go. They can’t do any worse than this shower


  • MUFC_420
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    It's the servers they are an absolute joke.
  • Durrani13
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    I want clarification on something that is driving me crazy now. I have played over 600 games and I still can't figure this out.

    @EA_Andy please provide some clarification around this.

    I can beat all highest rated teams in the game on ultimate difficulty. But when I play squad battles on ultimate difficulty I cannot beat a bronze rated team. All my players are slower than them. Players like Salah cannot outrun 55 rated bronze players. I can understand that the chemistry would affect my team but why does all my players become so average? Do all my ratings go down to my opposition's level? What is the reason behind this?

    Some of you will say this the servers etc but this has nothing to do with that. My game speed is fine most of the time but I don't understand what happens when is SB you choose ultimate difficulty. How is that different, and how does it affect your player ratings, compared to when you play on ultimate difficulty outside SB?

    I don't know how to upload a replay here but I have examples of when a bronze 60 rated player with 52 sprint starts behind Ramos and outpaces him and then with his 50 finishing beats Courtois. In the same game the bronze player scores a bicycle kick beating Varane and looping over Courtois.
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