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Obviously I know this is the least of people’s worries regarding gameplay but it really needs sorting out, even if I put my penalty right in the side netting the keeper can save it, if you dive the right way you save it, like be honest has anyone ever seen a keeper save a penalty that is in the top corner?


  • DariuszA93
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    I hated pens at the beginning of the year for this exact reason , they’ve made it a lot easier to save them this year compared to last . Instead of choosing 1/5 directions to dive (Top/bottom right , middle, top/bottom left) it’s now 1/3 (left,middle,right) so dumbed down since the cba to program the animations right.

    Here’s what I do I put someone with pretty low pens on like 70s ( with a lot of head tilt) .. take my time aim left so my head tilts there power it up 2 bars while holding R1(finesse) then as I run up tap L2 to stutter and change my direction to the middle . Most people will dive out the way .
  • Empyrium7
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    yesterday my opponents saved 3 perfectly placed penalties. there is nothing you can do about it.
    pnealty kicks should have around 5 options
    right high
    right low
    left high
    left low
    but most of the keepers will save it if they went to the right direction.
    Probability of scoring a penalty should be more than %66
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