wtf?! changing custom tactics completely randomizes my player positions

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So during the game, if I push left or right arrow to go from Balanced to attack, all out attack, defensive, whatever, my entire team changes **** positions. This also happens in menus after I change formations it completely randomizes my team players positions....

I just play online seasons mode, with Arsenal usually. it doesn't matter if i go balanced to defensive, or balanced to attack, my whole **** team changes positions.

I have just paused a game and changed from 4-3-2-1 to 4-3-3 and my team now looks like this.

Koscielny left wing, Bellerin striker, Lacazette right back, Xhaka striker, Aubamayang defensive mid, Torreira right wing, Kolasinac attacking mid..



  • SDoofus
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    You have to customise all 6 presets, otherwise you'll just be using the default ones...

    Watch this.

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