Offensive and cruel fut names

Ea if you read this then u need to to remove some club names from your game.

There are plenty of cruel names about that poor girl maddie mccann flying about and it not funny that’s a little girl who possibly could of lost her life as she has been missing for many years now. The people who find it funny are the messed up people who don’t understand the value of having a child or having the love for a child that being a parent brings. If the parents was involved then there’s still no reason to make maddies name a joke across a well known game just to make yourself look good. Imagine you as a parent. Brother . Sister or any family member losing a child and having the general public laugh in your face about it I’m sure you would not like it. There’s plenty of jokes about underage girls being **** on fut 19 as club names which is sickening threat people even think about making jokes about.

So ea is this the image you want a company that supports children being rapped and killed there many people who play fifa 19 that this has happened to and everyday they have to play a game which reminds them of terrible events and it’s all for the humour of the sad sadistic people out there.

Ea you need to change this asap if there is any good in you as you support charity’s like these poor kids and grown ups then change peoples club names.

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