Cant win a single game

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Literally cant win.... every game opponents feel like they got all players behind the ball and ai running like mad.... but me, no one running or making runs and ai just jogging about

How the ****


  • YB_11_
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    I also can't win anymore. 3 weeks ago I played my last WL 14 wins from 30. Since then never manage to qualify. Don't know what's wrong since then.

    I play 4 2 2 (2)

    Without tactics or things.

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  • BGAlum
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    My reason is I stink...
  • BGAlum wrote: »
    My reason is I stink...

    changed attacking to fast build up from balanced and on a 5 win streak now... think the mechanics are shot
  • zaklfc9
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    1. No offence to certain player but the gameplay before was f**ked, players who werent that good were winning not due to skill but because the game was doing all the defending for you.

    2. If you try to play too defensive and hold your players back you just get smashed, you have to attack and sometimes leave yourself open.

    3. The gameplay is still all over the place. I played last week around 30 games in (division rivals) won around 20 and easily should have won another 5. I was controlling those games and I felt in control. Im playing today and out of 7 games ive lost 3/4 already, all games the wins and losses the games have been all over the place, literally like i score you sscore and a case of il score more than you to win. I havent changd my formation or tactics and the game feels so different. Also i can tell clearly my opponents are not great yet somehow they are scoring 2/3 goals a game and to beat them I have to score 4/5.

    My advice would be stop telling your fullbacks to sstay back and to have a very good team with the likes of mbappe, salah, van dijk, varane etc as everyone now has very good squads.
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