High Rated Players - Price Zenith?

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Any of you experience traders out there have a prediction for one high rated players (Kroos, Mertens, Godin, Hummels, Isco) etc. will get back to their peak price.

Bought a few in the crash and they have currently all risen by 8-10k each, wondering if I should sell now or wait until they rise higher.

Appreciate the advice.


  • Milanista28
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    Sell now, Invest in Baby Icons.
  • maXmood
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    you can sell now and take the profit or wait till they release an SBC that might or might not require high rated players..
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    If they’ve risen 8-10k, you won’t actually make that much by the time you’ve sold, especially if you’re only bought a few. It depends on how much of your coin total they are taking up? If you can’t buy other players because you’re keeping these investments, I’d probably just sell up. On the other hand, if you have a decent amount of coins, wait for a high rated SBC, I guarantee there will be something in December, especially with FUTMAS.
  • maymanpele
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    I ended up selling all of my investments last night. Take the profit whenever you can. I had a lot of Godin's, Kroos' and IF Batsman that made me about 500k. EA will find a way to screw you over if you wait too long.
  • Ian_Ando08
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    stuck with my prices and are still selling to lazy buyers :) profit is profit so if you are happy take it :) im holding out at my prices tbh
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