Noticed any cheaters??!!

I have noticed some lag cheaters but iam completely satisfied with this. Last year 1/4 was a cheater.Hope they do something about them i wrote down some names to review in a month if they are still out there. DONT FORGET TO REPORT EVERY GUY CHEATING. They ruin our efforts.


  • How and where do we report players? I’ve had a couple of games now where I’m winning, then I pause the game (seems only to happen when I’m the one to pause) the opposing player makes a sub and then the game freezes I get a error message saying I’ve lost sync to the online match. (The fact this has happened more than 3 times makes me think it’s intentional.) The game doesn’t appear in recent matches and it doesn’t count as a win. Just like the game never existed. I’ve kept a recording of the most recent player who’s done this.
  • DarkMac
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    I have reported a lot of them last year. Did not received not even 1 reply. Why should I care if EA doesnt?
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