My rewards

hello my name is alex am still having issues during this fifa 19 ea viewership rewards on twitch and i still havent reiceived the fifa 19 viewership rewards stream that ea posted and they ranomly picked someone and i was one of them and they wanted me to link my accounts so i did but i linked the wrong one so i contacted them and they unlinked it so i changed to the other email and i have still not recieived the rewards and so i contacted them again and they said that they couldnt change it and that i should contact twitch support. . it was the mbappe a icon and some packs and i linkd it it to wrong email: [email protected] and was meant to link it to my: [email protected] and my gamer tag is Mad Forward22 and twitch madforward and i only want the help from Ea because i contacted them again and they said that the rewards where there but then unlinked and they couldnt send over my rewards to the other one. for proof here is the case id it was Case 45188746 . and all i want is that you guys help me send over the unlinked rewards rewards from [email protected] to [email protected] so thank you and i hope you have a good day


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