STAMINA ruins Career mode!!!!

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Just started a CM with Milan and bought Frenkie De Jong. Fantastic talent but after 40 min. he is completely out of stamina. I knew about the stamina bug, and therefore I didn’t use any high pressure and almost never used the sprint button. But didn’t help.
FIX THIS god dammit! Career mode is no fun at all!! A player can have 99 in all stats, but if his stamina is not 90+ he is useless after the first half!


  • mfmaxpower
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    What's the stamina bug? Is this something for new saves or something? Haven't noticed an issue myself.
  • Crow
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    In PES you get stamina decreasing in both halves but at H-T you get a boost so say you are on Red you can go in at H-T come out with half green and survive longer into the match or 'till the end.
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    I've read in the tactics every one's been put to pressing, i'd check that first see if it is.
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    A few things drain your players stamina.
    #1 is having them pressure all over the field--ie. having the game tactics on any kind of heavy pressure or especially constant pressure the entire game.
    #2 Constantly holding the "x" button (on PS4) and having teammates run over and help everywhere.
    #3 Constant unnecessary sprinting with the ball carrier instead of passing.
    #4 Having any kind of settings where players are constantly going on runs for through balls.
    #5 Individual player instructions have interceptions set to "aggressive."

    There may be others but I know the first two are the worst.
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