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Any reviews?

He'll probably be in the TOTY, wondering if his CL card price will go down once his TOTY card comes out? Or will it go up?

Thanks lads.


  • Jeremy295
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    I bought him yesterday to link with Ramos and I have to say I am impressed! You don't find him out of position with his H/L workrates, he is amazing going forward, his crosses seem to have this curve and dip that other fullback I've used don't have (sandro, cancel, florenzi, SIF lala).
    He just seems to move differently to other fullback, different animations maybe?
    Now this is only over 10 games but I gotta admit I'm now considering his toty card if it's reasonably priced
  • Stkyfngz
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    Best LB so far this year imo. The weak foot makes him better than Telles.
  • Adrew
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    I have both Marcelo and Rttf Telles, feel Marcelo is better attaxking, but Telles seems better defending due to the WR, scoring few headers as well.

    My solution now is to use Telles and sub Marcelo as CDM or CM/CAM in 70 mins to strengthen my midfeld
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    Easily the best LB on the game. Played against him at LM recently and he tore me apart! Weak foot was excellent as well, scored two right footed goals.
  • sheffutd87
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    Don’t buy the CL card, such a tiny upgrade for such an inflated price. No one is noticing the difference
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