Where are these "under review" games?

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Since i saw that @EA_Andy is active again i would like you to ask where are these games and what is the status for these games. Im losing 2-3 games per WL due to "review" massage, mostly when im awarded a pen in late minutes and score is a tie, or opponent suffer DC or whatever when im losing or its a tie.

Number of this wasted games kinda piled up and i must say getting a loss after 10+ min invested into game makes no sense and only brings up frustrations which are already quite high due to server delay and other problems...


  • Springveldt
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    The only thing they are reviewing is if someone was cheating and if they were they will remove their win. The other player just has to take the L.
  • salvadordali1
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    I would like to hear that from @EA_Andy. :)
  • salvadordali1
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    3 days and still counting till respose, @EA_Andy.
    Lets see how long can you ignore a single question by a costumer of your firm, the same firm that youre in, and one of your role is to answer yours(theirs) costumer/s question/s as soon as you can.
  • EA_Andy
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    It's usually because the match didn't end in a normal way - will likely have been through a disconnect or someone quitting.
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    3 days and still counting till respose, @EA_Andy.
    Lets see how long can you ignore a single question by a costumer of your firm, the same firm that youre in, and one of your role is to answer yours(theirs) costumer/s question/s as soon as you can.
    I thought it was pretty obvious since you only see that message when someone drops. If you don't drop back to the main menu then it was the opponent who forfeit/rage quit/lost connection but if you end up back in the main menu then you were at fault.
  • salvadordali1
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    EA_Andy wrote: »
    It's usually because the match didn't end in a normal way - will likely have been through a disconnect or someone quitting.

    Thats obvious.
    But my question was where are these games, who is reviewing them and when can we expect any solution for this games.

    Because i know when i suffer DC i see DNF message, and when opponent DC's and result is a tie or opponent is in adv we only get this msg and a loss(since this game does not count).
    Now im wondering if this is a proper solution to a problem to give basically 2 losses, to the side who may or may not use no loss glitch, suffer DC etc., but on the other hand punishing a player who did nothing wrong, just stumble on player who experinced DC or preform no loss glitch or simply rage quited.

    It would not hurt to mention that if opponent is using "no loss glitch" then youre only punishing legit player which did not manage to get ahead before the other party did his/hers thing, since if im winning ill get the win if opponent DC's.
  • SVKslato8
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    valid comment salvadordali1

    I have asked this several times with no answer at all.

    Its very unfair with current setting.

    Why do EA have this 30 second rule of auto forfeit when the final results mirrors the actual score when the DC occurred? It does not forfeit it just disconnects the opponent.

    Why the dedicated servers end the game when one of the players is disconnected?

    Why the final result is mirror of actual score when the disconnection happened? What are you reviewing?

    Why some games are not counted?

    Why we get a loss after opponents scores from first kick off and immediately disconnects?

    How are the results under review being decided?

    Why can't we have the game history to see opponents we played against and the results?

  • Reulol
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    EA_Andy wrote: »
    It's usually because the match didn't end in a normal way - will likely have been through a disconnect or someone quitting.

    Ijust had a match where i was leading at the 90th mins of the game... just when the ref blew the whistle i bet that pathetic opponent used cheat or something like that which resulted in me getting thaat under review match message and my win didnt count... 12 mins of my life for nothing because of that b!llshit
  • salvadordali1
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    @EA_Andy, im still waiting for decent explanation.
  • Riyomorii
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    @EA_Andy , understand that there are quite a lot of angry comments here, hope that my post with more background facts may assist with your investigation.
    Other players who suffered the same problems should add on with more facts instead of just airing your grievance. It would probably result in better outcomes with these actionable feedbacks :)

    Country/Region - Singapore/ROW (GMT+8)

    Platform - PC Origin - All recommended ports are open to EA servers

    Internet connectivity - Starhub Fibre 1GBPS up and down. No intermittent internet or DCs from my ISP throughout the weekend. Wired connection.

    3 incidents of under review games in the 22-24 Dec WL:
    1) Saturday afternoon (8-1 record) - Winning 5-0 opponent rage quit led to under review loss

    2) Sunday morning (lost track of record from here) - Opponent went 1-0 up within 1st 10 minutes and I immediately got the DC and under review notice after his goal. This seems like a hack on the opponent's end as the DC was triggered immediately after he scored. Timing seems to be too much of a coincidence.

    3) Sunday night - Opponent rage quit after equalising 3-3 at the very end of 90 minutes. Got the under review notice and loss.

    The under review and loss problem has only surfaced after the latest server patch.
    This never occurred prior to this weekend as opponent DCs were either given as a win (if you were leading), or a nil result (drawing or losing).

    Losing these 3 games automatically due to the under review games cost me Gold 1 this weekend. Never gotten less than Gold 1 this year so I'm pretty sad.

    Hopefully this feedback helps!

    Have a good Christmas everyone!
  • Archerinho
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    I've just seen your comment.
    So what are we supposed to do? I have evidence that I was cheated upon and still nothing. I lost minimum of 3 matches to disconnect cheaters this week and I am on the verge of relegation, how is this fair? Maybe someone could really review those games and award those points back?
    I am complaining because I am really sick of it. Everytime I try to play this game I come upon cheaters. That's how they are making their way to Div1. Hey, I think I am a very good player to be still managing staying in Div1. But now I am forced not to play anything this week until thursday, because I could be getting relegated. How is this OK? Please accept this complaint and improve this game!
    It needs those games either reviewed, or removed completely from the effect, so that I dont lose my points.
    In addition to that, I report those players, but the answer I receive is that I have to report them via origin. How am I supposed to do that when Rivals doesn't display opponent names?
    I am attaching a picture for reference.
    I am so confused,
    I will just have to quit the game.
  • ShadowofEnigma
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    I've had the same thing as people above. Honestly, I've made a post about this already. Gave EA some feedback, and got absolutely nothing back. Even tagged EA Andy.

    I tried suggesting that people should be allocated a specific amount of disconnects per week or month. After that, the player who disconnects should be punished while the other player is rewarded. EA doesn't seem to realize that this is a system that is almost built in a way to have the mechanics abused. They don't need to be banned, they don't need to have things taken away from them. Just don't give them a win, give them an automatic loss, and the opponent the win. This last weekend alone during FUT Champions, I played 11 games, 4 of those were opponents who disconnected within the first 5 minutes when I came close to scoring a goal. So the game ended as 0-0. That counted as a game played out of my 30 FUT champion games. It basically counts as a loss for me because the opponent quit.

    On top of that, I had used valuable cards to trade in for the Loan Icon Raul. All of those games where my opponent quit within 5 minutes, used a match from that loan card, and contracts from the rest of my players. So basically, I get punished for my opponent quitting.

    So YOU'RE the player who likes to disconnect, whats the worst that happens? You lose your after match earning? What, 600-800 gold? Okay, who cares. If you score a goal, and disconnect immediately because you're in the lead, you get the win. If you do this over and over, you can achieve a high division, and high rewards. The ONLY punishment being that you don't receive your after match earnings and use a contract for players.

    EA needs to have a sportsmanship ranking. People who stay in their games, don't quit regardless of score or how good or bad they are playing, don't get reported for hacking, glitching, foul language in game, etc, would lead to a High Sportsmanship ranking and you get paired with other players similar to you.

    If you occasionally quit or get disconnected, if you play out most of your games, don't often get reported

    If you quit every other game, if you glitch , cheat, abuse mechanics, use foul or demeaning language to your opponent, you get put in the Poor Sportsmanship ranking and get paired with similar players.

    Games should have the option to report a player afterwards.
    Games should also occasionally (maybe 1in 10 or 1 in 20 ) ask if you enjoyed the game. (I.E. , was it a close game you enjoyed, or is the match making so screwed up you got paired with someone who beat you 8 goals to 0. )

    EA needs to have a peer review system for the games in 'review'

    Say all the under review games (except for games EA can pick up blatant hacking/cheating/glitching) are open to the people who play FIFA to watch, review , and give their feedback on what happened in the game. At the end of the viewing, players can be given the option to Report a player for any number of things, or dismiss the game.
    Once a certain number of reviews has been had of any given game, a verdict is given. If a player feels they've been wronged, they should be able to dispute the judgment.

    Granted, I know this would be a lot of 'reworking', but I feel like atleast SOME of the above mentioned ideas could help improve the ability to enjoy the game for most people.

    While I entirely understand that some people have really bad internet, I think it's unacceptable to just let people who disconnect from games all the time go unpunished. Hell, I myself am on WiFi, and I've MAYBE been disconnected 5 games out of 650+ games. I think it should be somewhat obvious which players disconnect intentionally and which disconnect due to fault with their connection.
    If EA had a system where players could review this, it would be a problem that would get resolved with minimal effort on EAs side.
    EA could throw out weekly or daily challenges to meet a certain # of game reviews and in turn give out a uniform or chemistry card.

    Sorry for the super long, rambling post. I just really love FIFA, and it's just so many mixed emotions to see the game in it's current state, having (what I feel like are) great ideas that could help fix alot (not all) of the frustration a lot of players are feeling.

    I used to actually enjoy FIFA, and have a good time playing it...Now I just get irritated when all of this stuff happens. If it were 1-20, or 1-50 games, fine, I can deal with that. But I usually get these problems every 2-4 games, if not every game.

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