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I've played 3 div rivals games this morning and I'm convinced I'd have been better off if I didn't touch the tackle button. I honesty don't think I did a tackle where I kept the ball and I made at least 10 a match. Add to this 3 of my 'tackles' just put their striker in a better position to score. Whilst their player always manages a perfect tackle and comes out behind my player with the ball.

Is it I'm pressing it at the wrong time or my players just cant tackle?


  • Only1United
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    Yup tackling is broken! Every tackle I make bounces the ball into the opponents feet and he's through on goal
  • Elliot666
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    what defenders you using?
  • SStubbs88
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    That live Nacho and UCL Vallejo. But same happens when its Matuidi doing the tacking or Alex Sandro it bounces back to them every time.
  • Spillaren
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    at least the ball move away from the player you tackle now, before just continued dribbling past you after hitting a perfect timed tackle.
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