Gold squad fitness

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Can anyone remember what they were selling for before black Friday?


  • Clancy
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    Highest I've seen them selling for this year was on a Sunday in mid Nov. there was a point where they were getting BIN'd for 1800
  • Jobiwan
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    They were going for 1600 just before black friday too...
  • Cupidstunt
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    I still have some sell at 1700, more so at the weekend
  • Clancy
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    They didn't go nearly as low during the BF packs as in years past. In 17 and 18 I was picking them up by the hundreds for under 600 during BF weekend

    This year the lowest I was able to buy in bulk was 800, not sure why. Maybe more people decided to park coins in them, or less packs opened, or maybe just a higher percentage of the promos we're player only packs. They do seem to be going HAM on electrum packs this year
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