Ronaldinho or Baggio?

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Looking to pick either of these up, it will either be prime Baggio or base Ronaldinho to play as striker in a 433 formation.

Any reccomenstions on who to get?


  • Andy87
    3969 posts National Call-Up
    Anyone tried either of them?
  • TheArchitect
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    I asked around for Baggio, not very good recommendations. Id go with R10 as lots of players use him
  • Davola77
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    I’ve got prime Baggio and love him. Great dribbling and close control. Bangs in free kicks. Despite his low strength he always stays on his feet. Plays better at CAM rather than ST though. Haven’t tried Ronaldinho but you can’t go wrong with either
  • Andy87
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    Leaning towards Ronaldinho, need about another 50k so hopefully won't be too far away from getting him.
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