Players quit and no match record

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This been happening in fifa games for very long time. Why can't they not change the system? Its clear that they is loop holes that players can do to cheat.

Fair players are being punished.


  • tarheels_forever
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    i agree 100% very frustrating.
  • Brydobhoy
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    Because its not UT
  • Cooler08
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    Do you mean that happens even after 5 mins into the match? I thought no match is recorded only if a player quits within the first 5 mins of the match.

    Today I played a match in Online Seasons, the score was 0-0 then the game ended after about 20 mins into the match. I was given a 3-0 loss even though I was still connected to the EA servers and PSN network after the match.

    Also, in another match, I was winning 1-0 and had a free kick about 15 mins into the match. The game then ended and the match result was given as a 3-3 draw. That's something I've never seen before. Why would they give a 3-3 draw if a team is winning 1-0 when the match ends?
  • Rossi1000
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    If you don’t press any buttons from searching for a game through to kick off you can quit out with no record of game being played

    It’s handy when you get paired with **** connections or v Ksa player which again will be **** connection
  • Digs1977
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    What’s a Ksa player?
  • Rossi1000
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    Digs1977 wrote: »
    What’s a Ksa player?

    Ksa = Saudi Arabia connections are criminal
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