Custom tactics mess up player position

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Not seen this before patch but I use a custom tactic to get my team into a formation I like start 3412 then move to 433 however when I switch thiago silva goes to lb and milinkovic savic goes to rw even though I haven't assigned them those positions.

anyone else having this problem?


  • kraid
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    I know if you fiddle with formation it gets messed up but usually if you set up tactics before hand (on ultra def/def/attack/ultra attack) and switch between those on the d-pad it’s ok. Just make sure you don’t need to tweak anything in the pause menu
  • sheffutd87
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    When you set up your game plans and amend player positioning you need to press circle on the screen to come out of editing player positions before you move to player roles or another screen. If not it doesn’t save what you have done and they end up in weird positions
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