Big Delay and lags in WL ? how work you currently conection gameplay in WL?

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Hi can somone tell me how work currently your gameplay - conecction in WL ? Im have big delay around 1 secund and its terrible play with big delay lags.

Question is any other players have now same mess with delay and lags or its just me and something with my conecction ?


  • TheArchitect
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    I have the lowest of the lowest mbpsec up/down. Overall a pretty good connection on wifi

    Lost connection during wl weeks ago. Never had the problem before. Changed to port forwarding. Never happened since
  • fazer
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    ok so mayby is something from my site hm
  • Enzfut
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    Nothing to do with your internet connection its ea servers, as part of my job i travel the world and take my ps4 with me its the same in singapore, UAE, Germany, UK, US, Holland, France, Thailand, Qatar, KSA, Sweden to name a few.

    Now it can not be the internet connection every single time, the common denominator is the EA servers.
  • Recoba
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    Less delay than other weeks but the player movement is all over the place.
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    Lag delay and ptb counter. Good job ea
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