Gj EA give us a loss for someone else frustrations.

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He couldnt fart od the pitch without asking me for a permission. He managed to get away with 3 crossbars, and few impossible saves by De Gea. Jet when i lobb his keeper he manages to quit before ball hit the net and i was given a loss. GJ EA, i dont even want to know whos revolutionarny mind came up to this idea.
Im sure this was 10+ game that was stolen from me and i was given a loss.


  • jajce111
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    Well i will stop playing wl, maybe once a month i will play it. First of all rewards are terrible and red cards are **** most of the times too, usually totws are pretty bad, gameplay is ****, servers are even worse etc. I will not waste my free time on a game i don't enjoy anymore. It is stressful and definitely not fun, so i will rather play some other games in my free time that are actually fun.
  • salvadordali1
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    I mean its stupid that we get this msg about reviewing match which we all know that is a loss and nothing more or less. So basically if youre not winning and oponent dc's here is a loss for you.
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